A Few Limitations

Although I want to do all things Facebook, I am recognizing some limitations:

  1. It’s really hard to avoid viruses in real life.  Brenna is sick right now and pretty much anywhere we go we have a good shot at spreading the germs.  In Facebook, it’s a lot easier to avoid.  “Check who’s looking at your profile” is  a dead give-away.  But what if it really worked that way?  What if looking back to see who is looking at you meant you got a virus?
  2. You can’t delete people in real life.  Okay, you can, but it requires you to do #3.
  3. It’s probably really difficult to actually join the mafia.  I’ve never met a single person who had a member of organized crime send a letter asking him or her to join.
  4. Poking.  I’m still thinking of a way to get away with this.  Perhaps a poke and then, “just letting you know that you still matter.”  In my head, it works.  In real life it might be creepy.
  5. I’m not going to join a sorority.  That one wins tons of points on the creep scale.
  6. I’m not going to take photographs of me standing shirtless in front of the mirror. If I do, I’ll lose friends.  Forever.
Look for this list to expand.

One thought on “A Few Limitations

  1. #2: Having recently blocked and unblocked a…close friend, the main points that I’d try to hit with a real world solution are: a) remove everything associated with them from your view (put gifts and notes in a box in a closet?) b) block any attempts they make to communicate with you (tell anyone who might direct them where to find you to pretend like they’ve never heard of you) c) remove any means to contact them (avoid their home/office? ) d) most things should be easily undone when desired, but you MUST ask them again if you want to re-friend them after you unblock them
    Ideally, you would also have someone go remove any gifts or notes you had given them. One odd (but understandable) aspect is that photos actually remain visible to you if you are tagged in them, even if they also feature or were posted by someone you block.
    Might be easier to just “Hide their posts”, and ignore everything they say while still being friends.

    #3: You need an arbitrary but entertaining goal with arbitrary rules, that is more easily accomplished if you get friends to help you multiple times throughout the month. Something like a large coloring book picture with a limit of one section colored per person per day….or just a large, blank sheet of paper, where each person can add doodles to a collage drawing for 15 seconds each day. I think I like that better, but a coloring book might be closer to the defined progress and rules of a Facebook game.

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