Any Ideas?

Although Christy and I have brainstormed ideas for Living Facebook, I’d love to hear any ideas from people who read this blog.  What are some in-person things we should do that are similar to social networks? (This can include things like Twitter).


7 thoughts on “Any Ideas?

  1. Retweeting. Just repeat what someone says, see what happens. 🙂

    Picture tagging: perhaps asking ppl to make nametags for themselves???

    How about those stupid surveys ppl take on FB? I don’t know how to make that “real”.

  2. I like the idea of retweeting. I thought maybe I would run into the staff lounge and say, “Dude, you need to hear the funny shit that Bill just said.” However, maybe just say, “At Bill, RT,” and then quote him.

    I’m all over the surveys. The more mundane the better. Perhaps, “Which Phil Collins song are you the most like?”

  3. you can give a big to show you like what someone has said. sometime I give them to drivers instead of other hand signals… the forced cheesy smile helps relay the disgust. love the idea #livingfacebook

  4. Hmmm… Are you going to post something to someone’s wall? Bring back that bumper sticker app and post ’em to someone’s wall with duct tape. I’d “like” that for sure! :o)

    There was also something that went along with “poking” — that super poke app that included things like “throw a goat” at someone. I have one you can borrow, if you’d like? :o)

    And what about changing your profile pic? Not sure how dedicated you are to the cause to completely change your profile…? Haircut? Silly nose-and-mustache-glasses?

    The best part of tagging is when you tag someone who’s not your friend with a random “tag”. IE: “creeper with boogar” or “extra pair of shoes?” or “ice cream truck”. ❤

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog — and our office reads the updates regularly. Great job JS!

  5. You could try suggesting friends to others, by randomly suggesting, “You may know…” Also, Create an Event and force others to publicly declare whether they are planning to attend or not. By the way, I love the blog…. and I’d like to join your Teachers Against Comic Sans club! How do I sign up?

  6. I’m still thinking that a key difference in FB (except for the inbox), is that anything communicated is meant for a mass audience. It changes the dynamics, for better or for worse, in terms of communication in relationships.

    When something significant in your life happens, don’t tell your family or call your best friend. Put up a sign outside your house to communicate to whichever of your neighbors happens to come by.

    In my inbox today, though, I got a message with a concern about a video I had commented on that was posted by a friend that this person does not know. How do you duplicate that? Overhear a conversation between two people and then privately confer with the one who is your friend about it?

    One more thought: Put a photo album from your last vacation or your children’s last school activity in your staff lounge. Be sure to provide a sheet for comments. And be certain also to include every shot, even the duplicates and the blurry ones.

  7. I wonder if there is a way you could create one of those mass pictures or calendars with people in your organization that are your friends? I’ve been included in an art piece, as a Christmas tree ornament, in a calendar, etc. Also, you could do something where you answer a question about someone and they have to somehow sign-up or accept this tool before finding out the answer. You could also add people to groups randomly without their permission and see what kind of reaction this gets, “Like by the way I added you to my bowling team and we expect you to be there on so so day to cheer us on or something?!” or send them emails/letters with information on this group you signed them up for. How about telling people someone likes something, you should too. I see this all the time on the sidebar.

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