Day Thirty: Please Comment On My Pictures

I’m sitting in the cushy chair at the coffee shop, flipping through my stack of stick figure drawings.

“Hey, would you comment on my picture?” I ask the lady next to me.

“Pardon me?” she asks in confusion.  This is the first time in the experiment that someone truly thinks I’m crazy.  I venture a smile, but I think it makes this worse.

“Uh, nothing,” I respond.  I’m too nervous to pull this off.  I think she can sense the impending awkwardness, so she scurries away as I pop in my head phone and engage in a Twitter conversation.   Maybe asking people to comment on my pictures was a bit much.  Or maybe by “pictures” I needed to choose photographs instead of stick figures and cartoon sketches.

A few minutes later, a man sits down next to me.  “Hey, would you comment on my pictures?” I ask him.

“Like Facebook?” he asks.

“Yeah, just like it,” I respond.

“Where’s this?” he asks.

“It’s a picture of me at Flagstaff,” I explain.

“At the McDonald’s?”

“That’s not an m. That’s a bird,” I tell him.

“And that one?” he asks.

“That’s a picture of me taking a picture of myself in front of the mirror.”

“I hate when people do that.  It’s too personal.  It’s creepy,” he tells me.

“So, leave a comment about that.”

“Do I have to draw a box and write it out or can I say it out loud?”

“Out loud will work,” I respond.

“How’s this?  ‘That stinks.’  Get it,” he laughs at himself and then says, “Well, I need to get to work.”

I decide at this point that it’s too awkward for me.  Besides, no one on Facebook comments on a stranger’s picture anyway.  So, I rethink this approach altogether.  I decide to sketch out new pictures and mail them out to friends.  I’m hoping for a comment better than, “That stinks.”


4 thoughts on “Day Thirty: Please Comment On My Pictures

  1. “No one comments on strangers’ photos” reminded me: When you started this, I was very tempted to send you a friend request in the mail. I googled around and found what looks like where you work, and was going to send it to you there. I wanted to simulate you getting a friend request out of the blue, from someone you didn’t know.

    But I chickened out. I’d have to give you an address to mail back to. Maybe you’d be somehow offended that someone else tried to co-opt your vision of what this month was going to be. Maybe it would be too uncomfortable to realize that someone could find out where you work. Maybe you would reject my friend request…really that would be the appropriate response to a Facebook friend request from someone you don’t know…but I still didn’t want to be rejected.

    So now I guess I’m just simulating some random person on Facebook who reads the things you make public, and sometimes says he likes them.

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